Dear Recent Graduate,

Congratulations! You’ve just earned a new degree!

You may be curious about how to organize a job search, or how to explore career opportunities.

Some ways to get started on a job search (or to expand on what you’ve already learned about your job search):
  1. Keep ongoing notes of everything that is interesting to you. Eventually, you’ll see a pattern emerge that will be helpful as you explore opportunities.
  2. Think about which geographical areas you’re willing to consider.
  3. Create your own ideal job description and compare it to existing job descriptions you find.
  4. Create a resume with an objective, a cover letter and be ready to send thank you emails once you’ve been on an interview.
  5. Network network network with everyone you know!
  6. Create a Linked In profile. Include on your profile a unique email address used specifically for Linked In. About that profile: FILL IN ALL THE SECTIONS, so recruiters and hiring managers can find you! Add a recent picture.
  7. Say yes to every interview that comes your way!  At a minimum, you’ll learn more about interviewing and what kind of company you’d like to work for.
  8. Your job is to find a job! Set a daily schedule for researching companies, looking for jobs, sending out resumes/cover letters, networking and responding to interview requests.
  9. Contact recruiters who specialize in your area of interest. Many recruiters have positions that require prior work experience, but it is good to establish a relationship for future opportunities.
  10. If you have friends at companies that appeal to you, write to your friend ( or your mom’s friend or whatever…) , and ask if they can share your resume and cover letter with the Human Resources Director.
  11. Be sure to send a thank you email to anyone who has helped you or shown an interest.  Keep the door open!
How  to organize yourself. You don’t want to duplicate efforts!
  1. Keep a spreadsheet (or other list) of companies you’d like to work for. Once you’ve been presented to a company (or made an application yourself), record that as well as interviewing activity on your spreadsheet.  Make note of the date!
  2. Keep a color coded spreadsheet or other list  with a different color for each date and  step(i.e. uploaded resume/cover letter, spoke with recruiter and sent resume, applied directly to company website for specific position, phone interview with HR Director, informational interview etc.
  3. Make use of a white board! Those colored markers are very helpful in organizing different tasks.
Other resources include:
  1. Your school’s career center. Schools sometimes have established relationships with companies  or a job board that is open to any company that would like to post an open position.
  2. Some colleges and universities have active alumni networks and will help you get in touch with alumni who work in the field you’re interested in.
  3. Look for companies’ Facebook and Twitter pages.
  4. Job boards.
When you receive an offer:
  1. Most companies send a formal offer letter. Some may make a verbal offer  first, to make sure you’re truly interested.
  2. Respond to any correspondence or phone calls quickly, whether you plan on taking the position or not.
  3. Most companies expect an answer pretty quickly. If you’re waiting on other offers, it is OK to let everyone know. Some companies will “hold” an offer for you, others will not. Clear, prompt communication is essential on all sides.

Good Luck! Remember, currently employed people have been where you are now! You WILL get a job!