Your cover letter and resume/CV are often the first documents that a recruiter, hiring manager for human resources director will see about you. Your goal is to give them a high-level picture of your education, skills and work experiences.

I recommend that you include in your resume:

•     A summary of your qualifications that shows your qualification for the job. (this area can also include an objective). This area would go beneath your name/contact information.

•    The exact dates (to the month and year) of employment

•     For each company mentioned, I recommend that  you describe the type of copmpany (such as Global Pharmaceutical Company, Medical Education Agency or Clinical Research Organization, etc.)

•    Your title (or title progression) with each position and the primary duty of that position, including several bullet points about job duties and noteworthy accomplishments.

•    Your degree, school and date of graduation (optional).

•    Your professional association memberships or certifications.

•    Tweak your resume for each job!  Include several keywords from the job description.

•    Make sure the verb tenses  are correct and there are no typos.

•    If applicable, include a link for your portfolio.

•    Include “References Available On Request”

For your cover letter:

• Address the letter to someone specific,  if possible, as opposed to “Dear Hiring Manager”

•  In the first paragraph,  introduce yourself  and your reason for writing.

•  In the second paragraph, mention your degree(s), experience and career goals and why you’re qualified for this position.

•  In the third paragraph, include your interest in the position/company , the best way to reach you and thank them for their time.

•  For the closing, “Thank you”, Sincerely”, “Best Regards” ,”Best” etc  are all great choices.

Your recruiter will also suggest any changes to your resume that will create a clearer picture of you as a candidate. We are always available to offer suggestions and answer questions about your resume/CV.