Are you in Academia and trying to transition to a medical communications agency, pharma company, CRO or pharma-support organization?

The frustrating feedback many candidates receive in this transition is that most companies are looking for “industry experience”. It’s a Catch-22 because how do you obtain experience without prior experience??

For most people, that sometimes-elusive first position in the pharma industry is the toughest one to secure!  It takes consistent and dedicated effort, time and persistence.


Here are some ideas for your job search strategy:
  • Network consistently with colleagues, friends, alumni and recruiters who focus on your area of interest. Respond quickly to any networking email or voicemail

  • Make sure your resume/CV is up to date,

  • Use newer email options, such as gmail (and not AOL, for example.  Typically, it is not received well).

  • Use a professional resume writing service, if you’re not feeling confident in your resume/CV writing skills. There are also many free templates for resumes and CVs.

  • Create and maintain an updated Linked In profile, including a Summary section. Use a unique email address, so you can track how recruiters, HR reps and Hiring Managers find you.

  • Join LinkedIn Groups connected to your area of interest. These Groups often list available positions

  • Join networking groups that meet in person. If it seems intimidating, try to go with a friend or make a goal of saying hello to 5 people and trading business cards.

  • Target specific companies you find interesting, visit their career pages and send a resume directly to the company

  • Ask a friend or colleague at a targeted company to share the resume with the HR Dept.   HR Directors love employee referrals!

  • See if your school has any connections with companies that have the types of positions you are interested in. Companies often attend job fairs at colleges and universities or send company reps to discuss the types of jobs available.