With so many hiring companies and candidates far-flung, phone interviews/video conference interviews are becoming a very standard part of the vetting/screening/hiring process.

These remote interviews save time and allow both hiring company and candidate to obtain important information about each other.

Theses types of interviews are important! They are not a diluted version of an in-person interview.  They are an important opportunity to present yourself, your skills and your experiences to a Hiring Manager or HR rep AND learn about the position and the hiring company’s culture & focus.

Your primary goal for a phone interview/video conference interview is to make the company rep realize that you would be a wonderful addition to their team.


To prepare in general I recommend:
  • Research the company (website, LinkedIn, contact people you know who work there)

  • Review the job description and compare it your resume/skill set

  • Have a list of questions about the job and the company

  • Be ready to take notes (easier & less obtrusive to do on a phone interview)

  • Consider using headphones, if you’re concerned about sound quality and/or privacy

For a video interview:
  • Make sure you’ve installed the software on your phone/laptop/tablet ahead of time

  • Make sure that you appear as professional (clothes, hair, makeup) as you would for an on-site interview

  • Find a background that isn’t distracting to the interviewer

  • Join the meeting 5-10 minutes early

During the phone/video interview:
  • Let the interviewer lead the conversation- they have an agenda and there is specific information they are looking for

  • Listen. Listen. Listen

  • Answer questions succinctly and at a high level, then ask if the interviewer would like more details

  • If there is enough time, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions.  If you’re truly interested, express your interest (Ex= “This sounds like a great opportunity!”)  and ask higher level questions (Ex= “Can you tell me more about your company culture?”  or  “How big is the team?”) If you have multiple questions, ask the interviewer if they have time for more questions.

After the phone interview:
  • If you’re working with a recruiter, let the recruiter know how it went and what your interest level is. Your recruiter will follow up with the hiring company for feedback

  • If you have the interviewer’s email address, send a brief thank you email, thanking them for their time, stating in 1-2 sentences why you are qualified, and stating your continued interest